Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As I see It Prayer Shawl

I finally finished this prayer shawl this morning. It is Honeydew green with spruce green strips at the edges. I crocheted flowers, centers and leaves, then assembled them and attached them to the spruce green edges.
A lot of stitches, but a lot of prayers to go with them.
This shawl goes out to a friend of Prof's that has special needs children, and children entrusted to her for foster care. What better recipient of our prayers and shawl.

Go! Create Something,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Other Creations in the Works

I have been making Paper Bag Books. Here's a couple I have been working on. One is done, and ready to be mailed to my friends who are expecting their first baby. The other one is for "Remi," the new arrival of some teacher friends. These are fun to create, and a good way to use up scrap and those 40 for a$1.00 lunch bags.

I have also been getting a jump start on seasonal cards. I even have one Christmas card made, along with a seasonal Autumn one. Go! Create Something

I Haven't Been Sitting Idle

I really haven't been sitting idle. I have been jumping from craft to craft lately. Since learning to crochet last winter, I have been very busy crocheting prayer shawls. I have a dear, sweet cousin who is a double mastectomy cancer survivor. She has recently had both ankles replaced, too. She is a fighter and I thought she could use a prayer shawl after all she's been through. She lives in southern California, so this southwestern design just seem to fill the bill for her.

The next prayer shawl shown here is a work in progress. My sister-in-law has a friend that needs our prayers, and is going through a lot of illness with her husband. Sis asked me to create a shawl to give her for Christmas. I call this my "Tree of Life" shawl. It isn't finished yet. All the components are here, just not attached to the lattice work shawl.

This shawl is another work in progress for a friend of Prof's. When it is finished, it will have either the yellow flowers or white ones on the dark green stripes near the ends, with either fringe or tassels attached.

Also in progress is this baby blanket for a special couple who are expecting their first child. I haven't been told if it is a boy or girl, so I chose the softest, palest yellow yarn in the store. This pattern is intricate (for me) and requires the most concentration, and there are 139 of those little patterns in each row,so it's taking me a while.