Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hat Time is Drawing Near

I know it's hot out there right now, but before too long, cooler weather will be upon us. It will be time to get back into the hat making mode once more. Last year, there were four of us who made over 50 hats for kids at a local residential facility for trouble teens. We called ourselves, Warm Hats for Cold Heads, or something like that.
I looked at the stash of hats we didn't give out, and there are only two. WT said he had either 7 or 9 made, so we need to gear up. Knifty Knitter products from ProvoCraft make this an easy pasttime. I just have to put the crochet hook down long enough to make some hats. I think this year I will try some simple skull caps, more like a watch cap, instead of the long ones I made last year.

Go! Create Something.

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