Friday, March 11, 2011

The Red Hat

Okay, I have been curious about crocheting every since my mom spent winters crocheting an afghan that I don't think she ever finished. I have watched my friend Curley crochet for years, and she does it so easily. Of course she's been at it since age 9, so even though she's LOTS younger, she has been doing needlework for , let's just say, quite a while.
I went on line, watched some YouTube tutorial videos, printed off some instructions from different websites, along with some cool patterns. Though it took me several trial and error starts, I did end up making this hat. And yes, I even made the flower and leaf. Curley put the scalloped edge around the bottom, or brim, then taught me how to do it. I should be able to manage that after some more practice. Pretty cool, huh? (It only took 3 calls to the Curley Crochet Hot-line!!!)
Before long, it will be warm and I will be out and about and not staying in doing the crafty stuff. I hope I don't forget how. Of course, I can always call Curley and beg for help.

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  1. You may call me anytime for crochet tips. The hat turned out very well and I think the flower is very good.